Another ‘high horse’ moment…

No, Mayor Tom Henry isn’t going to appear on Jimmy Kimmel live with potential for another “High Horse moment with Kimmel.

Nor is he contemplating naming anything after former Mayor Harry Baals.

Last week at a news conference, the Parks and Recreation department announced they want to move the General Anthony Wayne Statue out of Freimann Square and onto the Courthouse Green. The move would cost less than $75,000.

Two weeks ago, the Parks and Recreation department announced plans to spend some $3 million in anticipated revenues for capital projects. This move was not included in those plans.

Two Fort Wayne City Councilmen, Mitch Harper (R-4th) and Dr. John Crawford (D-At Large), will introduce a resolution which if passed, will allow the Council to weigh in on the proposed move. But, the resolution is non-binding which means the Board of Parks Commissioners can ignore it when they meet Thursday to decide whether or not to move the statue.

The City Council meets Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm and the Board of Park Commissioners meets Thursday at 4:00 pm, both in the City Council chambers in Citizens Square.

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