Mayor Henry to appear on late night talk show

News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mayor Henry to Appear on Late Night Talk Show
Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Shines Spotlight on Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry is scheduled to appear on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” tonight (March 15, 2011) to discuss the name of the new home for City and County government, Citizens Square. Earlier today, Kimmel’s producers requested Mayor Henry to appear as a follow-up to the TV show’s segment last month about the “Name Our Building” forum and the attention it received for Mayor Harry Baals.

Mayor Henry recently sent a letter to Kimmel inviting him to visit Fort Wayne and see what the City has to offer the world. The package included a tee shirt and a visitor’s guide.

The Mayor will use Skype to communicate with the California-based production. “The public engagement and national attention this process has received has been remarkable. We’ve gotten a good-natured ribbing from some national hosts, but it’s been fun to talk about Fort Wayne to a national audience,” Mayor Henry said. “The new government center is about using our resources wisely, making things easier for residents and sending a welcoming message to new jobs and business investment. It creates a one-stop shop for economic growth.”

Mayor Henry announced the building’s new name Monday for 200 E. Berry St. after evaluating suggestions made to Henry reviewed the suggestions with input from staff to select the name that reflects the contributions of the entire community, not a single individual.

“Our new government center is about all of us. The City and County have come together to better serve the citizens of one community. It’s about the decisions we make for today and for the future. We want it to reflect the spirit of our community and its important civic purpose and Citizens Square does just that,” said Mayor Henry.

The show airs at midnight on WPTA-TV Channel 21 in Fort Wayne.

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