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General Anthony Wayne statue rededicated

The rededication of the Anthony Wayne statue in Freimann Square took place yesterday.
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August 15th Park Commissioners Board meeting location

The Board of Park Commissioners Meeting on August 15 will be held at Citizens Square, City Council Chambers, rather than the Parks & Recreation office at 705 E. State Blvd.
Dr. John Crawford, Anthony Wayne Statue

City Councilman Crawford on proposed Anthony Wayne statue move

Yesterday, we sat down with Fort Wayne City Councilman Dr. John Crawford to discuss his resolution opposing the proposed Anthony Wayne statue move.
The General Anthony Wayne Statue

Another ‘high horse’ moment…

Two Fort Wayne City Councilmen, Mitch Harper (R-4th) and Dr. John Crawford (D-At Large), will introduce a resolution which if passed, will allow the Council to weigh in on the proposed move.
General Anthony Wayne statue

City announces plans to relocate Anthony Wayne statue

Mayor Tom Henry and Parks & Recreation Department leaders today announced plans that call for the General Anthony Wayne statue to be moved from Freimann Square to the Courthouse Green.


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