Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron

FWPD: BOLO – armed and extremely dangerous suspect

Fort Wayne Police are looking for 21-year-old Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron.

FWPD: Marina Zrnic sought in 3rd Street homicides

The Fort Wayne Police Department is looking for Marina Zrnic who is a Person of Interest in the Third Street double homicide on April 20, 2021.

FWPD: Suspect in fatal Easter morning hit-skip

The FWPD's FACT investigators are trying to identify the subject in the attached photos in reference to the fatal hit-skip vehicle accident on East morning.

FWPD Homicide suspect wanted: Tykwan L. Walker

The Fort Wayne Police Department is looking for Tykwan L. Walker, a suspect in the murder of Heather Porter Hobbs.

FWPD seeks burglary suspect ID

The Fort Wayne Police Department seeks burglary suspect ID and is asking for community help.
Joseph Rose

FWPD: Joseph Rose sought for homicide

The Fort Wayne Police seeks Joseph Rose as a Person of Interest in the January 19, 2021, homicide at the Hawthorn Suites in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

FWPD: Suspects in the Mc Clellan Street accident

Two suspects in the McClellan Street accident are being sought by the Fort Wayne Police for Gwendolyn Martin's death on December 21, 2020, on McClellan Street.
Paris Patmon

FWPD: Homicide suspect sought

The Fort Wayne Police Department Homicide Bureau is asking for the public's help in locating Paris Patmon, a suspect connected with a shooting death.
Pizza Hut robbery suspects wanted

FWPD: Robbery suspects wanted

The Fort Wayne Police Department is seeking two suspects in connection with a robbery.
Chase Southgate Pettit Avenue Attempted Robbery suspect

FWPD: Attempted Bank Robbery, Pettit Avenue

The Fort Wayne Police responded to an alarm indicating a bank robbery at the Chase Bank located at 204 E Pettit Av today around 1:50pm.