Meeting Info BB at the City-County Building

Last August, I wrote about the new Bulletin Board in the lobby of the City-County Building.  The left side of the bulletin board is for the County and the right side is for the City, as pictured above.  The idea is to have one centrally located place for visitors to the building to locate information about meetings without having to disturb the guards.  As you can see, the County is availing itself of this new feature, while the City has yet to place it’s first meeting notice.  Almost two months, and nothing from the City.  The idea for the BB was discussed at one of the early Open Government Task Force meetings.


  1. Commissioner Bill Brown and Commissioner PIO Mike Green were instrumental in getting the bulletin board installation moving. The county Maintenance department installed it and the County Highway Department made the metal sign that sits above it. Allen County has been using it for months now. Mike keeps it as updated as possible. There is also a suggestion box right next to the bulletin board that Mike checks regularly, another idea from the task force I believe.


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