New Meeting Info BB at the City-County Building

Allen County Commissioner Bill Brown (left) and Fort Wayne City Clerk Sandy Kennedy (right) in front of the new bulletin board.  The bulletin board will have information posted on City and County meetings held in the building.  Information will include contact info, location, dates and times.  This is a result of the Open Government Task Force that held it’s first meeting on March 10, 2008.  The two officials worked together to implement the bulletin board after volunteering to do so in the OGTF meeting.  The board was installed by the Allen County Maintenance Department and the sign by the Allen County Highway Department.  Bill said the sign may be changed.

The goal of the Open Government Task Force is to make government more accessible to it’s constituents.  If you’re interested in reading the posts on this blog concerning this task force, click here.  Another meeting for the task force should be coming up in the near future.  Check the AFW Community Calendar Blog periodically for notices of the meetings.

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