Redevelopment Commission Video

This past Monday, Jim Irwin with Barry Real Estate and Jim Iddins with Weigand Construction, appeared before the Redevelopment Commission to talk about various items and some behind the scenes stuff.  The above playlist is the conversation and approval of payments.

This last playlist is Jim Irwin addressing some of the changes and the status of The Harrison with the Redevelopment Commission.  I apologize these weren’t up sooner, but I had to find some software to cut and paste and get the clips under 10 minutes.  Thanks to Linda for the assist!  Also, I have a new camcorder which will receive it’s first test tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully the learning curve will be brief for me.  This new camcorder will allow me to zoom in and out while recording which is something the old Kodak wouldn’t do.  I’ll still carry that with me until I feel comfortable with the new one.

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