County road snow plowing schedule

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A news release from the Allen County, Indiana, government regarding the Allen County road snow plowing schedule:

ACHD Road Plowing Schedule

Fort Wayne, Indiana (February 4, 2021) – Allen County Highway Department crews will begin plowing and treating county highways at approximately 5 a.m. The Highway Department uses several types of vehicles for snow and ice control – five graders, 27 tandem axle dump trucks, seven single axle dump trucks, and four one-ton small dump trucks. ACHD also uses ten heavy duty pick-up trucks to help clear road intersections and smaller areas. Allen County is divided into north and south districts with 12 zones in each district. Each zone will have at least one truck, and some will have two or more trucks. Graders are assigned to gravel roads, areas with large drifts of snow, and clearing berms of snow build-ups. On higher traffic count highways, liquid calcium magnesium chloride will be applied along with a salt-sand mixture. 36 trucks are outfitted with systems that dispense the liquid onto the salt and sand. The calcium magnesium chloride solution speeds the chemical reaction of the salt, causing it to melt the snow and ice much quicker.

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