City prepared for forecasted snowfall

forecasted snowfall Fort Wayne, Indiana City of Fort Wayne
A City of Fort Wayne Street Department snow plow clears Main Street east of the Clinton Street intersection on January 12, 2019.

City of Fort Wayne news release reporting that the City is prepared for this weekend’s forecasted snowfall:

City Prepared for Forecasted Snowfall

Fort Wayne, Indiana (January 30, 2021) – The entire City of Fort Wayne Street Department fleet, including front snowplows, are being checked and will be ready for the snow predicted for Saturday evening and throughout the day on Sunday. Additional salt was also delivered this week and today all main arteries will be pretreated with a de-icing brine substance to reduce the ice formations that can make streets slick during winter events.

Crews are prepared to plow around the clock throughout the snow event. The Street Department urges citizens to be patient and to avoid traveling on the streets while crews are plowing. It could take a long time to clear streets if Fort Wayne receives several inches of snow and salt will not be applied until the streets are cleared.

The Street Department is responsible for 1,200 miles of streets and roads and has 18 snow routes. More information about Street Department efforts can be found at

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