Superior Street closure moves east

News release from Fort Wayne City Utilities:

Work to Protect the St. Marys Moves Forward
Superior Closure Moves East

(May 4, 2020) — On a day when we see a significant milestone keeping combined sewage from the St. Joseph River, work to protect the St. Marys moves into a new phase. Beginning tomorrow, May 5, Superior Street will close between Clinton and Barr Street as crews construct a 48-inch consolidation sewer. The work will last through mid-summer.

A consolidation sewer is a near-surface sewer that collects or consolidates the flow from existing sewer pipes. Currently, the combined sewage (sanitary and stormwater) in a large area of the central business district, from Baker Street to Superior, discharges 4.88 million gallons per year into the St. Marys River. Combined sewage discharges on the river an average of 71 times per year during wet-weather events.

The Superior Street consolidation sewer, combined with other work improvements that will be completed by 2025, will reduce the overflows on the St. Marys by more than 90 percent.

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