NWS: How to measure snowfall

How to measure snowfall
Infographic from the National Weather Service, issued February 12, 2020. Image courtesy of the National Weather Service.

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Information from the National Weather Service Norther Indiana:

How to measure snowfall

Accurate and timely snowfall measurements are extremely important to the NWS, public works departments, media outlets, and other scientists!

  1. Find a nice, level place to measure snow and where drifting or melting has not occurred (like a snowboard).
  2. Slide ruler or yardstick into snow until it reaches the ground/board surface.
  3. Read value on ruler to the nearest tenth of an inch (like 3.4 inches). If possible, measure in several different locations and take the average.
  4. If using snowboard, sweep it clean. Now you are ready for the next measurement.

Other tips:

  • Avoid measuring next to buildings.
  • Measure at eye level.
  • For mroe information and training videos on how to measure snow, please visit https://www.cocorahs.org/.

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