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NWS: Heat Exhaustion vs. Heat Stroke

Infographic from the National Weather Service explaining the differences between Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. Related posts: Weather Story: Active weather ahead NWS: Severe storms possible tonight NWS...

NWS: Thanksgiving Climatology

Thanksgiving Climatology infographic from the National Weather Service.

NWS: A warm start to October

The National Weather Service expects that the above normal temperature pattern will continue through at least mid-October.

NWS: Red Flag Conditions vs. Elevated Fire Danger

The differences between Red Flag conditions and Elevated Fire Danger from the National Weather Service.

NWS: Heat precautions

Infographic from the National Weather Service demonstrating the signs of Heat Exhaustion/Stroke.

NWS: Practice heat safety

The National Weather Service reminders about the heat over the next week.

NWS: How to measure snowfall

Accurate and timely snowfall measurements are extremely important to the NWS, public works departments, media outlets, and other scientists!

NWS: Do you know how waterspouts form?

Conditions are favorable for the development of waterspouts through tonight on Lake Michigan.

NWS: Hottest days of the year for many

The past two days were among the hottest of summer 2016 so far!

NWS: What are lake shadows?

A bit of weather fun for a quiet evening on the Great Lakes: Cumulus clouds often form in the afternoon due to instability generated by daytime heating.