Candidate Tim Smith Releases Education Plan

News release from the Tim Smith for Mayor Committee:

Mayoral Candidate Tim Smith Releases Education Plan
“My job is to work closely with Fort Wayne Community, East Allen County, Southwest Allen County, Northwest Allen County, and our private schools to make sure no stone is unturned in our mutual effort to make Fort Wayne the safest, smartest, and strongest city in the Midwest”

(February 27, 2019) – Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith released his education plan today (the full plan can be found HERE). Tim’s plan focuses on the ways solid leadership from the Mayor’s office can improve our schools. It specifically focuses on (a) finding ways to deepen our commitment to keep our students safe, (b) better integrating the learning process with employment prospects, and (c) developing a critical overlap between home, school, and community.
When it comes to student safety Tim states, “Our children are our most precious—and most vulnerable—resource. Little that we do matters more than keeping them safe.” His plan, in addition to school resource officers, pledges Investment in the infrastructure around our neighborhood schools. Sidewalks need repaired and paths to and from school need to be adequately lighted for our children’s safety.
Smith, addressing the gaps between school, employment, and career, unveiled his “Fort Wayne Apprenticeship Program.” This plan will provide students with real-life work experience, allowing them to find work they enjoy and are skilled to perform. “Employers today are desperately trying to find young people eager and willing to learn,” said Smith. “Every participant, both employer and apprentice, will foster a stronger and more productive employment base.”
Tim finishes the plan by stating, “I am always open to good ideas from others who are equally passionate about improving education in Fort Wayne so that it more completely embodies the ‘bedrock’ character attributed to it by Dr. Robinson. Working together, we can do better. As always, we must expect more.”

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