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Candidate Smith’s response to Crawford

Mayoral candidate Tim Smith statement on John Crawford's campaign accusations.

Crawford response to negative ads

Republican Mayoral Primary candidate John Crawford responds to recent negative and misleading campaign ads, in print, on TV, and social media, by his opponent.

Candidate Smith’s City Management Plan

Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith released his city management plan today.

Crawford outlines Opioid Crisis strategies

Republican candidate for Fort Wayne Mayor John Crawford outlines the strategies he will implement if elected mayor to combat the community's opioid crisis.

Candidate Burgess launches website

Today is International Women's Day and in celebration, the campaign committee for Democratic Mayoral candidate, Gina M. Burgess, is launching the campaign's official website.

Candidate Tim Smith Releases Education Plan

Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith releases his education plan which is focused on the ways solid leadership from the Mayor's office can improve our schools.

Candidate Challenge Hearing Tuesday

The Election Board will meet to review 30 candidate challenges on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at 9:00 AM in room 740 of the Edwin J. Rousseau Centre.

Smith on City's Contract Negotiation

Mayoral Candidate Tim Smith Statement City's Contract Negotiation.

Ladies and Gentlemen…we have an election!

Today was the last day for candidates to file for the 2019 Fort Wayne Municipal Elections.

Henry officially files for re-election

Mayor Tom Henry is proud to announce that he'll be running for to a fourth term as Fort Wayne's chief executive and has officially filed for the election.