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News release from the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory:

What’s Happening at the Botanical Conservatory in March

Thursday Night Insight: Old 2 New
March 5, 6 – 7 pm
Give new life to old household items in the garden! Penny Alles, Plant Diagnostic Specialist and Master Gardener, will show how she takes neglected and even broken household items and makes them into unique garden accents she calls “landscape master pieces.” Coffee and tea are free. On the first Thursday of the month, you can enjoy a “creative moment” during $1 Night, when speakers offer interactive programs on a variety of botanical, ecological or hands-on crafting topics. Program included in special $1 Conservatory admission. For more information, call (260) 427-6440.


“Deep Sea 3D” SOCA Student Art Display
March 6 – 15, during public hours
The Conservatory has netted a catch of deep sea creatures, bubbled up from the murky depths of the imagination. Freshman art students from the University of St. Francis School of Creative Arts were challenged to build 3D sculptures from found objects and recyclable materials to evoke the fantastic art of German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. A selection of student work will be on display at the Conservatory for a week concurrent with the work of Sayaka Ganz. The exhibit is included in Conservatory admission: $5/adult, $3/child age 3-17. For more info, call (260) 427-6440.


Jay Bastian – Oil & Watercolor
March – April, during public hours
Artist Reception: Sunday, March 8, 1 – 3 pm
Jay Bastian is an impressionist painter as well as a mental health therapist, social worker and behavior consultant. Jay often employs art based interventions to help his clients recover and be well. He has taught drawing at IPFW, Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery and Wunderkammer Gallery. For more information and artist links, call (260)427-6440 or visit our website at botanicalconservatory.org.


Become a Butterfly Helper at Home & Garden Show
February 26-March 1
The Botanical Conservatory will greet visitors to their Home & Garden Show booth with more than pretty flowers to buy. Attendees will get a chance to explore the mystery and life cycle of butterflies and to become butterfly helpers at home. Educators from the Conservatory will teach the simple steps for helping butterflies survive in our area and encourage residents to plant flowers for butterflies. Those who purchase a Painted Lady caterpillar at the booth will get a kit for an indoor habitat box and free tickets to return to the Conservatory to release their adult butterfly after it hatches. For more information, call (260) 427-6440.


Public Butterfly Release
Saturdays, March 7, 14 and 21, 11 am
Visitors to the Botanical Conservatory’s Home & Garden Show booth February 26-March 1 will learn more about butterfly gardening; those who purchase a caterpillar and hatching kit can bring their Painted Lady adult to one of the Butterfly Releases in March! The beauty of butterflies isn’t instant; the lifecycle has four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Painted Lady caterpillars will change into adult butterflies in days or weeks, depending on temperature. Celebrate the flight of the butterfly as members of the public release their hatchlings into the Conservatory’s indoor Tropical Garden. Butterfly advice from Conservatory staff and free refreshments will be available during each release. Kits may also be available in the Conservatory gift shop during the month of March, for those who missed the Home & Garden Show. Regular Conservatory admission applies. For more information, call (260) 427-6440.


Botanical Conservatory New Volunteer Orientation
Wednesday, March 11, 1 – 4 pm
The Botanical Conservatory is inviting new volunteers to join their support team in a variety of positions. Come discover where you might fit in! Volunteer opportunities include butterfly attendants, admission or gift shop cashiers, garden or greenhouse helpers, special event helpers, and plant sale support. Staff and volunteers will offer an overview of the volunteer program and its benefits, answer questions, and give facility tours as you enjoy light refreshments. Personal follow-up and training for positions is provided. For more information, call Rebecca at (260) 427-6442.


The Making of “Changing Tides”
Illustrated lecture by Sayaka Ganz

Thursday, March 12, 6 -7 pm
Botanical Conservatory, 1100 S. Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne
Internationally-known local artist Sayaka Ganz will describe the process she used to develop and create the fascinating ocean-themed pieces on display at the Botanical Conservatory now through April 5. The evocative blue dolphins, luminous jellyfish, and impressive coral reef were once just colorful piles of cast-off plastic clothes hangers, children’s toys, kitchen utensils, and industrial scraps. Ganz offers insight into her imaginative journey from theme to model to material to form in this illustrated lecture. No registration required; first come, first seated. Special $1 admission price, 5 – 8 pm, includes a visit to the “Changing Tides” exhibit and Conservatory gardens. For more information, call (260) 427-6442.


Ukrainian Egg Decorating: Pysanky
Saturday, March 14, 9 – 11 am
Legend has it that as long as pysanky are made, goodness will prevail over evil in the world. These symbols of hope can be traced to 2000 B.C. During this workshop, you will be guided through the process of hand-crafting your own pysanky using a kitska, melted beeswax and dye. You will learn the ancient meanings behind the colors and symbols used while you create your own decorated egg to be treasured for years to come. Ages 10+. Registration deadline: March 6. $15/public; $9/Conservatory member or volunteer. Min 10. Max 20. To register, call (260) 427-6000 or visit www.fortwayneparks.org.


Pinhole Camera Workshop
Saturday, March 21, 10 am – 12 pm or 12 pm – 2 pm
Pinhole cameras can be made out of ANYTHING, from a seashell to a station wagon! Pinhole
cameras are used for fun, art and science. In this workshop, photography students from the University of Saint Francis will show you how to build your own camera out of a cigar box, expose images of the botanical gardens onto black and white photo paper and develop the images in a darkroom! The images are yours to keep! Ages 10+. Registration deadline: March 13. $15/public; $9/Conservatory member or volunteer. Min 5. Max 10. To register, call (260) 427-6000 or visit www.fortwayneparks.org.


Straw Bale Gardening
Thursday, March 26, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
If you’re a fan of container gardening and would like to try something different, look no further than straw bale gardening. Straw bale gardens are wonderful for growing various vegetables, herbs and flowers. Join Master Gardener Keith Trowbridge as he walks you through everything you need to know in order to get started on this unique and creative way of container gardening. Ages 12+. Registration deadline: March 19. $3/public; $9/Conservatory member or volunteer. Min 10. Max 20. To register, call (260) 427-6000 or visit www.fortwayneparks.org.


Family Garden Close-Up: Sea Creature Creations
March 28, 11am – 1pm
Visit the Botanical Conservatory this spring on the fourth Saturday each month to get a closer look at our plants and gardens through short walks, crafts, and snacks. We will visit one of our gardens to discover a different feature so you get to see what the Conservatory has to offer and learn fun and valuable information. FGC is especially fun for young learners. The activities are included in your regular Conservatory admission fee (members and volunteers admitted free). Put your sea legs on for this up-close-and-personal look at life underwater in March. Both plants (kelp, coral and seaweed) and animals (fish, dolphins and whales) alike live in an underwater environment. We’ll take a closer look at each of these all while making our own sea creation to compliment the “Changing Tides” exhibit. Free with regular Conservatory admission: $5/adult, $3/child age 3-17; children age 2 and under free. For more info call (260) 427-6440.


Ask a Horticulturist: Pruning
Saturday, March 28, 1 – 2 pm
Ever wonder how much water you’re supposed to give a particular plant or why you struggle to keep some plants alive? Maybe you just want to know the name of a plant as you visit the Botanical Conservatory. The Conservatory’s horticulturist, Andy Force, will demonstrate garden practices and answer your garden related questions in a special drop-in hour once a month. Stop by and “ask a horticulturist!” In March, Andy will discuss pruning, but he’ll also entertain garden questions from the public. Regular Conservatory admission fee applies. For more information, call (260) 427-6440.


Discovery Corner: Wind
During March public hours in the Discovery Gallery
Our youngest visitors are always welcome to visit the Discovery Corner behind Woody the Talking Tree where they’ll find stories and activities relating to a monthly theme: Our materials are all safe and suitable for kids in pre-K through 1st grade. Adults are encouraged to read aloud to their young learners and explore ideas together. The Discovery Corner is free with general admission; preregistration is not required. In March, we’ll learn about wind. Call (260) 427-6445 for more information.


“Changing Tides” Winter Garden Exhibit
Through April 5
The Botanical Conservatory presents a collaborative venture pairing the work of internationally-known artist Sayaka Ganz with the form and color of our Showcase Garden to create an imaginative seascape. Ganz’s work, formed of cast-off plastics, gives new purpose and meaning to household and industrial waste as the artist transforms them into colorful and lifelike sculptures of jellyfish, kelp, dolphins, whale, fish, and coral reef. Ganz’s ingenuity always amazes, and the tropical plants and winter bloomers that populate the “sea floor” garden are a pleasure to experience in the cold months. Hallway displays encourage visitors to recycle and to see the potential in trash at the “art lab.” Guests can leave responses to Ganz’s artwork on an interactive chalkboard or in video comment. The exhibit is sponsored by the Auer Foundation, Magee-O’Connor Foundation, Wilson Foundation, Arts United, Artlink, City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste, Allen County Solid Waste, IPFW, the University of St. Francis School of Creative Arts, Cancer Services of Allen County, WAJI 95.1 Best FM and WLDE Fun 101.7.


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