Cindy’s Diner raised

Yesterday, Cindy’s Diner was raised off its foundation.

This was in preparation for I-beams to be inserted underneath the diner for the move on Sunday at 9 am.

Today, the I-beams and wheels should be placed under the diner while tomorrow, the diner will be moved into position in the parking lot on the east side of the diner for the move Sunday morning.

From the City of Fort Wayne:

Cindy’s Diner to be moved on Sunday

(June 6, 2014) – Cindy’s Diner will move to its new location at West Berry Street and Maiden Lane on Sunday, June 8. Cindy’s Diner will be loaded and ready to move at 9 a.m. The Diner will travel north on Harrison Street, west on Berry Street, north on Maiden Lane, and then into the Community Center parking lot for positioning in its new location.

I have some special photos and video clips which will be uploaded later this afternoon/tonight.

Related Images:


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