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City of Fort Wayne

Restaurants against Food and Beverage tax increase

List of Fort Wayne, Indiana, restaurants that are opposed to an increase in food and beverage tax as provided by the Fort Wayne City Council.
Hospitality award presentations

Hospitality award presentations – photos and videos

August 28th, Visit Fort Wayne recognized Angie Harter and Jim Hodgin for receiving awarded Hoosier Hospitality Awards by the Office of Tourism Development.
Visit Fort Wayne logo

Ellspermann presents Angie Harter and Jim Hodgin with Hoosier Hospitality Award

Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann presented Angie Harter of Cindy's Diner and Jim Hodgin of Science Central, with a 2014 Hoosier Hospitality Award.
Cindy's Diner at her new location

Cindy’s Diner to reopen – video included

Cindy's Diner will reopen Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 6 am.
Cindy's Diner move on 6/8/2014

Cindy’s Diner move time-lapse video

This past Sunday, Cindy's Diner was moved to its new location at the corner of Maiden Lane and West Berry Street.
Cindy's Diner on a cold, wet morning

Cindy’s Diner move postponed until 1 pm today

Cindy's Diner move postponed until 1 pm today.
An elevated Cindy's Diner

Cindy’s Diner raised

Yesterday, Cindy's Diner was raised off its foundation.
Busy last day at Cindy's Diner

Last call for Cindy’s Diner…

Today's the last day for lunch at Cindy's Diner in her current location.
Sign in Cindy's Diner window announcing closure

Photos of new location prep work and Cindy’s Diner to close on May 31st

Photos of new location prep work and Cindy's Diner to close on May 31st.
Cindy's Diner rendering

Cindy’s Diner new location

A rendering, provided by the City of Fort Wayne and HOCH, shows Cindy's Diner in her new location behind the Community Center.