$1M lead gift announced for Parkview Research and Education Center

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News release from Parkview Foundation:

$1M Lead Gift Announced for Parkview Research and Education Center

Parkview Foundations is pleased to announce the generous gift of $1 million from the Mirro Family Foundation. This gift is a public display of support and commitment for the mission and purpose of what will be named “The Mirro Family Research and Education Center” on the campus of the Parkview Regional Medical Center.

The Mirro Family Research and Education Center will house facilities and resources open to health professionals throughout the region for training and education. Additionally, Parkview physicians will conduct clinical and translational research in collaboration with ongoing bench research performed at institutions such as Indiana University, Duke University, Harvard University and Cleveland Clinic. The Mirro Family Research and Education Center will be the only research center of its kind in Indiana and will bridge the gap between bench research and use by the physician community for their patients.

“The Mirro Family Research and Education Center will serve as a hub for fostering medical trends and breakthroughs. Through translational research and innovative training resources, healthcare professionals throughout the region will have access to the most current medical knowledge and practices,” said Mike Packnett, President and CEO of Parkview Health.

The vision of the research center is to support medical partnerships and in-depth investigation into heart diseases, oncology, radiation oncology, neurological conditions, orthopedics and a number of other treatments and practices. The translational research focus will also support an advanced education simulation center which will improve the performance and training of the entire spectrum of healthcare teams in learning to manage specific conditions in a real life community environment.

“Parkview Research efforts have spanned a 25-year time period with unwavering support to improve medical care. This next phase of research efforts grows beyond clinical research trials to facilitate the transition from bench research to the bedside which will increase the presence and significance of Parkview and our patient care throughout the international medical community,” said Dr. Michael Mirro, cardiologist, Parkview Physicians Group-Cardiology and medical director, Parkview Research Center.

Jeanne Mirro, President of the Mirro Family Foundation, along with Dr. Michael Mirro and their children Emily, Katie and Megan, have committed funds to this effort through the Mirro Family Foundation in honor of Dr. Mirro’s established track record of and passion for medical research which began at Indiana University and then University of Iowa before pursing clinical and basic research in Fort Wayne at what is now Parkview Research Center. Dr. Mirro also teaches and serves as a mentor for college and medical students, nurses and medical residents and has been a driving force behind the Midwest Alliance for Healthcare Education.

“The energy and passion of Dr. Mirro is a catalyst for growth and innovation throughout our region,” said Packnett. “His efforts and support will contribute to significant enhancement of patient care within our community as well as elevating standards of patient care throughout the medical community world-wide.”

Other major donors who have supported the construction and mission of The Mirro Family Research and Education Center include:

[list type=”black”]
[li]Parkview Physicians Group[/li]
[li]Weigand Pepper Joint Venture[/li]
[li]Larry & Monica Weigand Foundation[/li]
[li]English Bonter Mitchell Foundation[/li]
[li]Kilbourne Trust[/li]
[li]Larry & Wendy Rowland Family[/li]


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