Mayor Henry files pre-election finance report

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News release from the Henry for Mayor campaign website:

Mayor Henry files pre-election finance report
Report demonstrates campaign’s financial strength and broad base support
Henry campaign has nearly $100,000 more cash-on-hand than Paula Hughes entering final weeks

Today, Mayor Tom Henry filed his pre-election campaign finance report. The report demonstrates the campaign’s strong financial position, Mayor Henry’s broad based support, and that the campaign has the resources to win. The report also shows that the Henry campaign has nearly $100,000 more cash on hand than Paula Hughes entering the final weeks of the election.

“I’m humbled and grateful by this overwhelming demonstration of support for our campaign,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “It’s clear that folks from across our community support our efforts and want to keep Fort Wayne on the path to success for another four years.”

Some highlights include:

  • In the pre-election reporting period, Mayor Henry raised $526,906.
  • Mayor Henry has $318,508 cash-on-hand.
  • 87 percent of Henry’s campaign contributions have come from individuals.
  • In this reporting period, 60 percent of all contributions were under $100, demonstrating Mayor Henry’s broad base grassroots support in the community.
  • The campaign has received a total of 2,192 contributions.

The pre-election reporting period runs from April 9th, 2011 to October 14, 2011.

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  1. It is interestinmg to note that on April 9th, Henry had a balance in his re-election war chest of $ 603,000. Just where did that come from – I’ll bet most from out of Allen County!! The note probably went out to all consultants and out-of-town businesses, “Get your contributions (bribes) in before April 9th, so we don’t have to report them as ‘Pre-election” contributions”. Want to bet on it??


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