BizPAC endorses 10 candidates in Fort Wayne election

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News release from The Chamber:

BizPAC endorses 10 candidates in Fort Wayne election

The Greater Fort Wayne Business Political Action Committee (BizPAC) Board of Directors conducted written and in-person candidate evaluations of those running in the Nov. 8 Fort Wayne elections.

Endorsements were given to candidates who BizPAC believes demonstrated leadership in economic development and local business enhancement.

As a result of the candidate evaluations, BizPAC formally endorses the following candidates:

  • Mayor: Tom Henry
  • City Council District 1: Tom Smith
  • City Council District 2: Karen Goldner
  • City Council District 3: Tom Didier
  • City Council District 3: Christian Nagal
  • City Council District 5: Geoff Paddock
  • City Council At-Large: Marty Bender
  • City Council At-Large: John Shoaff
  • City Council At-Large: John Crawford
  • City Council At-Large: Tom Freistroffer
The Greater Fort Wayne Business Political Action Committee, or BizPAC, is an organization directed by its own board. Board members are Co-Chairman Ben Eisbart, Co-Chairman Tom Kimbrough, Treasurer Fred Eckart, Chris Battell, Walt Branson, John Brogan, John Gerni, Tom Jones, Matt Kelley, Ric Zehr and Tim Zumbaugh.

BizPAC supports, on a non-partisan basis, elected officials or candidates who are advocates for limited government, free enterprise and a pro-business, pro-economic growth environment in the greater Fort Wayne area.

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  1. Received an answer from Katy Stafford, Director of Government Affairs at our Chamber: “The questions are created by BizPac and are an internal document, so we are not at liberty to distribute them.” So I guess it’s possible that one of the questions may have been, “Do you support our present mayor Tom Henry?” ?????


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