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Press release from Republican City Clerk candidate Zach Bonahoom:

Zach Bonahoom, a local entrepreneur officially filed his candidacy for Fort Wayne City Clerk today with the Allen County Election Board. Zach believes it is time for good change in the City Clerks office, as the current City Clerk has occupied that office for 28 years.

“It is apparent, especially after last night’s City Council meeting that there is a dire lack of technology expertise in the Clerks office. Little things like updating or adding a section to the online indexing system should not have to be mandated by ordinance, whatever is the most efficient way to index should just be done.”

Bonahoom is referring to an ordinance that prompted a heated debate between Councilwoman Liz Brown, Councilman Mitch Harper and Clerk Kennedy on Tuesday. The ordinance was up for discussion at the City Council meeting on 1/18/11, (G-11-01-14), which would amend “section 32.55, numbering system…of the Fort Wayne City Code of Ordinances to add an additional Section E concerning a numbering and indexing system.” Brown, Harper and Kennedy were not on the same page concerning the goal of the ordinance.

Zach is excited to begin his campaign for City Clerk and plans to begin fundraising immediately.

“Multiple people have offered to contribute already, and even more have offered me their vote – I am very optimistic.”

Mr. Bonahoom is a small business owner in Fort Wayne and licensed Indiana Realtor. He is the son of local attorney Joseph G. Bonahoom and grandson of Otto M. Bonahoom of Bonahoom and Bonahoom LLP. Bonahoom has owned and operated Bonahoom Music DJ service since 2002. He is also the proprietor of a property management business and a website salesman for locally owned Specialized Printed Products. Zach has worked for Senator Richard Lugar locally. Finally, Zach has extensive experience working with people, spending a year working and traveling aboard a cruise ship where over 50 different cultures and religions were present amongst his co-workers.

For more information about Zach Bonahoom and his campaign, one can log on to

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