Frederick Steinke announcement from yesterday

Yesterday morning, Frederick Steinke filed his candidacy papers with the Allen County Board of Elections to run in the Democrat Mayoral May Primary.

Steinke ran in the 2007 Primary and was defeated by Mayor Tom Henry.  He provided the following statements to me at the time of his filing:


GANGS, GUNS, AND GUN VIOLENCE, 30 HOMICIDES in 2010, and already this year, as of January l Sth, 2011, 3 HOMICIDES, and with the help of myself, hopefully as Mayor I, along with our current Chief of Police, Mr. Rusty York, and our current Allen County Sheriff, Mr. Ken Fries, and I stay in touch with Former Mayor Paul Helmke, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:- and if by chance I should make it in the Elections of 2011, I have already indicated to Mr. Helmke that I would invite him to VISIT F1. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, and together, WE WILL GET GUNS OFF OF OUR STREETS, and PUT AN END TO THE VIOLENCE, too.

SCHOOLS:- As any Mayor should be doing I, in should make it as Mayor of F1. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, will be involved with SCHOOLS, and I intend to find out one way, or the other, JUST WHAT DID THE STATE OF INDIANA DO WITH $207 MILLION DOLLARS, this was Federal Stimulus Money, given to every State for EDUCATION, and The State ofIndiana got $207 MILLION DOLLARS. Where did it go? Who pocketed it? Who MISAPPROPRIATED it to where it was not intended?

I have written to those in Indianapolis- Governor Mitch Daniels, Mr. Tony Bennett, Superintendent of Public Instruction for The State ofIndiana, Senator David Long, and Representative Phil Gia Quinta, but got NO RESPONSE AT ALL, WHY??? But for those I wrote in Washington, DC:- President Barack H. Obama, Senators Evan Bayh, Richard Lugar, and Former Representative Mark Souder, I got POSITIVE RESPONSES, but WHY??? Just what are they being told by those here in F1. Wayne??? What do Mr. Mark Gia Quinta, President of the School Board, Dr. Wendy Robinson, Superintendent of Ft. Wayne Community Schools, as well as those in Indianapolis, what do they tell those in Washington, DC??? TRUTH, or LIES???

Since the MAYOR of any City is CEO (Chief Executive Officer, or Official), I believe that as MAYOR, you do have a say in all aspects of what goes on in Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, and ifI should make it this time, I will have a say, and I will be INVOLVED, and THAT IS A PROMISE THAT WILL BE KEPT, too.

“CHANGE FOR THE BETTER”, for ALL Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

And a second statement as well:


You can use this for a PRESS RELEASE if you wish, and I am also sending copies to The Editors of the Ft. Wayne Newspapers, and only The Editors, and not to the Reporters I usually send my correspondence to who are:- At The Journal Gazette, Niki Kelly, Benjamin Lanka, Michael Zinnie, Jeff Wiehe, At The News Sentinel, Bob Caylor – Have now been informed.

My name is, FREDERICK F. STEINKE, 63, Gay, HIVIAIDS Positive, since October 10,2000, born October 19, 1947 in Greenville, Michigan, served in the Military for 3 years, right after Graduating from High School in 1967, because I was held back in two grades, but was given an Undesirable Discharge, because at that time there was no such thing as:- “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, but my Discharge has been upgraded to a General Discharge.

I moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana on January 1, 1990, and Former Mayor Paul Helmke was Mayor then, and is now the President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and I do keep in touch with him by E-mail periodically, too.

Then Former Mayor Graham Richard took office, and in 2007 he bought Property, after Property for HARRISON SQUARE, which still today is NOT COMPLETED.

And it was in 2007 that I ran for Mayor of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana for the first time, and I sat in City Council Chambers that evening with countless others, and I spoke, as did countless others, but even when Mr. Greg Leatherman told the audience, after the question was asked, “DO YOU HAVE ANY FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION FOR HARRISON SQUARE”??? The audience was told, “NO”, but we expect that people will come through. That was the response from Mr. Leatherman, and a City Attorney. Well they did, for the Parking Garage, and Baseball Stadium, and we all remember how long it took to get The Courtyard by Marriott built, but with ANOTHER DEADLINE the CONDOS, now APARTMENTS, which are to also have RETAIL SPACE DOWNTOWN, CREATING MORE JOBS, too, but still WE ARE STILL WAITING, WHY???

Another issue that concerns me, is when we have VISITORS to Ft. Wayne, and may not have transportation, whether VISITING someone who lives here, or here for a CONVENTION, or whatever the circumstances may be, The City of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana is not providing adequate services for VISITORS, and I am going to explain why:- I believe that most of us, even if we went to a Baseball Game, and wanted to spend a day DOWNTOWN, and wanted to SHOP, EAT, Fast Food Restaurants do not get it, so, we do need Upscale Restaurants, and SHOPPING, and when it comes to TRANSPORTATION, why do we expect that people will have to use City Busses, or Taxi’s??? And on top of that, The Shuttle Busses at The Hilton, if staying there, will ONLY GO to Jefferson Point, but NOT to Glenbrook Mall, and The Shuttle Busses at The Courtyard by Marriott, as I found out yesterday, will not go to either for SHOPPING, unless the GUEST asks to be taken someplace to SHOP. WELCOME TO FT. WAYNE???

Now other points I will be focusing on are:-



* City, and County Council Members, will be expected to do more in their respective Districts, and if other circumstances prohibit them from doing so, and if their SALARY is not enough, then do not consider sitting on either Council.

WHY YOU ASK??? Will I will tell you, even if I should make it as Mayor in the Elections of 2011, I do not want a SALARY, and I would want it to be dispersed as follows:- FIRST, Half to go to The AIDS Task Force, with the only stipulation being, that all employees will be able to go to The Annual Lesbian and Gay Dinner Dance, with Child Care provided for them, too. Secondly, Half of the half left to go to The Community Harvest Food Bank, and if enough to go to other Food Banks, too. THIRDL Y, What is left to go into City Coffers, to be used as The Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana see fit for it’s use.

And since The Mayor, City, and County Council Members, and other City Officials are suppose to be PUBLIC SERVANTS, put into Office by the CONSTITUENTS, then they will be expected to do the JOB elected to, or appointed to, too.

* I will have City-wide Forums every month with ALL Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, and also every month with ALL Neighborhood Presidents, to get input on ALL issues that are of concern, so that when I as Mayor sit in on City, or County Council Meetings, I will be informed on ALL issues, and any issue of MAJOR IMPORTANCE, like HARRISON SQUARE, THE SMOKING BAN, will be put before THE VOTERS, and not City, or County Councils making the decision for you.

* There will be NO FRIVILOUS SPENDING OF MONEY, whether from TAXPAYERS, or PRIVATE INVESTORS, as too much money has been wasted on CONSULTANTS, to tell us what we already know, and too much wasted for INCOMPLETE PROJECTS, too.

$5 Million Dollars for a CONSULTANT to tell us what we already knew since 2007, that our Rivers, Storm Drains, Sewers, needed to come to compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Standards.

$1 Million Dollars, now maybe $4 Million Dollars, to renovate the City-County Building, because of Asbestos, and Lead Paint.

$12 Million Dollars to convert the Anthony Wayne Building into CONDOS, Office Space, and Shops??? That is what the CONDOS, now APARTMENTS at HARRISON SQUARE were to be for, CORRECT???

$6.5 Million Dollars to build a Volleyball, and Track Center??? Do not our YMCA’S, Spiece Fitness, and other Fitness Centers, High Schools, etc., already have these facilities???

And this list could go on forever, too.

* Now The City of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, has from County Coffers Millions of Dollars that could be put to good use, and so does The City itself, because of a settlement with AEP $75 Million Dollars, so Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, I sincerely hope that ALL GET INVOLVED, and not let this money be SQUANDERED, but put to the best uses possible, so let us ALL work together, and make sure that County Officials, City Officials, and The Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana VOICE YOUR OPINIONS on how to use this money, and I have a few suggestions:- Why does not The City of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana consider building the CONDOS, now APARTMENTS at HARRISON SQUARE, and a good name would be:- THE LINCOLN BUILDING, or THE LINCOLN APARTMENTS. Other ideas include:- COMPLETION OF CO-LOCATION OF CITY, AND COUNTY OFFICES, INFRASTRUCTURE of The City of Ft. Wayne, NEIGBORHOODS, especially HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOODS, Renovations of the City-County Building, and would it not be nice to NOT HAVE ANY HOMELESS, OR GOING HUNGRY PERSONS, JOBS, etc., and this list could go on forever, too.

So, on January 19th, 2011, I will be declaring my Candidacy for Mayor of F1.Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, and my Campaign Slogan is:- “CHANGE FOR THE BETTER”, for ALL Residents of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Respectfully Yours,
Frederick F. Steinke

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