Hughes campaign well-positioned for 2011 Election

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Press release from Republican Mayoral candidate Paula Hughes:

Hughes campaign well-positioned for 2011 Election
Raises more than all Other Republican Mayoral Candidates Combined

Former Allen County Council President and Republican candidate for Fort Wayne Mayor, Paula Hughes, filed her 2010 fundraising information and showed she has received strong support from hundreds of Fort Wayne residents. She raised $147,409.89 from 243 donors.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from so many people who want to see a proven conservative leader at the helm of the City of Fort Wayne,” Hughes said. “This continues to prove that people want a Mayor that can balance a budget without creating generations of debt.”

Over 97% of the dollars Hughes raised came from Fort Wayne and Allen County residents. This is a stark contrast from Mayor Henry’s campaign finance report which shows that less than 42% of his dollars came from the same area. In fact, Paula Hughes received more donations from Fort Wayne and Allen County than incumbent Mayor Tom Henry did in 2010.

“I am so glad that my dedication to Fort Wayne and Allen County has been noticed by my neighbors,” Hughes stated. “This historic level of giving from fellow Fort Wayne residents shows that we are ready for a proven conservative leader in City Hall.”

To conclude her remarks regarding the 2010 campaign finance filing report, Hughes said, “This report proves that I have unprecedented grassroots support and that we will be able to raise the necessary resources to get our message out to the voters.”

In addition to her record-setting fundraising report, Paula Hughes has been supported by Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries, County Commissioners Linda Bloom and Nelson Peters, County Councilmen Darren Vogt, Paul Moss, Bob Armstrong, Larry Brown, Roy Buskirk, and Tom Harris and former Fort Wayne Republican Mayoral nominee Linda Buskirk.

Hughes is being challenged in the Republican primary by new Fort Wayne city resident Eric Doden and frequent candidate City Councilwoman Liz Brown. To date, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry hasn’t announced if his name will appear on the ballot again, for the eighth election cycle since 1983.

Republicans: By the Numbers

Paula Hughes: $147,409.89 raised from 243 donors

Eric Doden: $109,713.04 raised from 66 donors

Liz Brown: $24,993.97 raised from 29 donors

Hughes full report available here

Official Paula Hughes for Mayor website


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