NFIB backs 10 candidates for election

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Press release from the National Federation of Independent Business:

NFIB backs 10 candidates for election

(INDIANAPOLIS, September 10, 2010) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the country’s largest association of small businesses, recently endorsed seven incumbent legislators for re-election and three challengers with strong positions on state taxes, regulations and the size of government.

“There were a lot of tough votes this year and we were fortunate to have had strong allies in the Legislature whom we are proud to support for re-election,” said NFIB state director Barbara Quandt. “We are also very excited to support challengers who understand the issues that affect our members and who are going to fight for their interests.”

NFIB announced its endorsements at a press conference in Fort Wayne.

“We have a very objective process for selecting candidates and all of these men and women distinguished themselves,” said Quandt. “With high-quality candidates like these, small business owners across the state have a strong incentive to get involved in the campaign and send people to Indianapolis who understand their concerns.”

The organization determines its support for lawmakers based on how they voted on a number of critical issues. Scores for legislators are compiled in its Voting Record and distributed to thousands of members across the state.

NFIB tracks hundreds of pieces of legislation every session and analyzes their potential impact on small businesses. It generally opposes legislation that would drive taxes up or create more regulatory burdens for small companies. It also supports bills that would reduce costs, streamline government and disencumber its members of rules and mandates that make it more difficult to compete. This year it identified nine bills in the House and eight bills in the Senate in which small businesses had the strongest interest.

A different process is used to determine support for challenger candidates. They are required to respond to a survey on the issues important to NFIB members. Once completed, the NFIB/Indiana Leadership Council reviews the survey and then votes on whether to endorse the candidate.

Below is a list of the candidates endorsed today by NFIB:

  • Sen. Dennis Kruse, SD-14
  • Sen. Tom Wyss, SD-15
  • Sen. Travis Holdman, SD-19
  • Rep. Dan Leonard, HD-50
  • Rep. Jeff Espich, HD-82
  • Rep. Bob Morris, HD-84
  • Rep. Phyllis Pond, HD-85
  • Senate candidate Jim Banks, SD-17
  • House candidate Mike Obergfell, HD-81
  • House candidate Kathy Heuer, HD-83

The NFIB Voting Record is available online at www.NFIB/indiana.

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