Stuzman flip-flops on farmers

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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign, dated September 13, 2010:

Stuzman flip-flops on farmers

Tom Hayhurst’s congressional campaign released a statement in response to Marlin Stutzman’s dramatic flip flop regarding farm subsidies.

Less than two weeks ago, Marlin Stutzman was quoted in Goshen stating “it’s time to get rid of farm subsidies,” and “subsidies only manipulate the market.” Now, after much backlash, Marlin Stutzman has retracted his statements and is now claiming he now supports subsidies.

“This is a classic example of a career politician saying one thing while doing another. Politician Marlin Stutzman’s position on subsidies shifts based on what audience he is talking to. It’s time we had principled leaders you can trust not to just play politics. Less than two weeks ago, Stutzman was quoted saying he wanted to remove all farm subsidies, but now he supports them. We need an independent voice in Washington, not someone who is willing to change his mind to gain political points. I strongly believe that if we want to change Washington, we have to change who we send there,” said Hayhurst campaign manager, Jason Kingsbury.


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