Hayhurst Campaign releases new ad

Tom Hayhurst for Congress logo.

Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign, dated September 14, 2010:

Hayhurst Campaign releases new ad, continues strong presence on television.

(September 14, 2010) – Today, The Tom Hayhurst for Congress Campaign announced it will begin airing its second campaign commercial. The ad entitled “Still” features Hayhurst and discusses the 43 years he’s been married, that he volunteered for the Air Force, and started free health clinics that he still volunteers at today.

“My wife, Judy, and I are lifelong 3rd District residents. We are deeply connected to this corner of Indiana. It’s where we raised our family, where we worship and volunteer our time. Like you, it’s the place we are proud to call home. As your Congressman, I’ll work hard to keep it that way and make it better for all of us,” said Hayhurst.


Script of “Still”:

Tom Hayhurst:

I’m Tom Hayhurst and I approve this message.


Tom Hayhurst is still married to his high school sweet heart.
Volunteered for the Air Force and now works to make sure veterans get the healthcare they deserve.
A local doctor who has helped thousands of patients through illness and back to good health.
Tom Hayhurst helped start a free health clinic and still volunteers today.
Tom Hayhurst, real Hoosier values Washington could use.


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