City to share results of recent housing market studies

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne, dated March 25, 2010:

City to share results of recent housing market studies
Expert to Shed Light on West Central, Downtown and Renaissance Pointe Area Housing Needs March 31, April 1

Mayor Tom Henry invites the public to discover what housing options may be best suited to three Fort Wayne neighborhoods at upcoming community meetings. Hosted by the City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division, each session will feature a presentation by a recognized expert on revitalizing neighborhoods.

National housing market consultant Laurie Volk of Zimmerman/Volk Associates has been examining three city areas, Downtown, West Central and Renaissance Pointe, to help determine what type of housing, what size, what amenities, and what tenure (owner-occupied or rental property) may have the most appeal and best complement each neighborhood.

Volk will share her research in two meetings. At 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 31 at the Fort Wayne Urban League, 2135 S. Hanna St., she will focus on the Renaissance Pointe portion of her analysis. Volk will talk about the Downtown and West Central areas’ results at 6 p.m., Thursday, April 1 at the downtown Allen County Public Library, Meeting Room C. Each meeting is scheduled for 90 minutes.

“We want our All-America City to be a place where good jobs can grow and families can thrive,” said Mayor Henry. “One of the building blocks for a strong quality of life is vibrant neighborhoods. We want to encourage families to locate here, and that means it is important that we understand their needs. This sort of study is designed as a tool to assist the real estate community to plan, develop and offer the right options for the future of Fort Wayne.”

Even with a soft housing market, people are still moving into homes and looking to relocate to, or within, the community. While Fort Wayne did not experience the housing “boom” and subsequent “bust” felt in other parts of the country in the last decade, the reality of changing times, family needs and expectations has indicated a need for up-to-date knowledge about the city’s housing market. This new data will provide valuable insights for housing professionals and residents working to enhance and strengthen Fort Wayne neighborhoods.

To view a copy of the last study completed in 2006, click here.

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