The Green ABC’s: Changing the World One Letter at a Time

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Press release from the Waynedale Green Alliance, sent March 25, 2010:

The Green ABC’s: Changing the World One Letter at a Time

The Green ABC’s, created by April Brewster Smythe and Christopher F. Langschied, in partnership with FWCS Anthis Career Center, will launch The Green ABC’s: Version I on April 23, 2010 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The celebratory event will take place at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center from noon to 2pm and will include a sneak peak at the new educational product line, a short presentation, and eco-friendly snacks!

The Green ABC’s for Kids brings together the key concepts and terms of green living utilizing one of the oldest templates of all time—the alphabet. As kids learn their ABCs, they associate each letter with a green living concept; the letter “R,” for example, stands for “Recycle.”

The Green ABC’s employs sets of colorful flash cards, coloring books, and workbooks that can be easily distributed to kids and socially responsible adults. Mobile applications, a special project of Anthis Career Center Students, will be on display at this event. The initial artwork has been designed by a class room of young graphic artists—entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bringing green living concepts to the fore and who want to share their work for the betterment of our world. Graphics, web design and television programming are being supervised by instructors, Karen Gillie, Cathy Wise, and Nikki Craig of the Anthis Career Center of Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Nick Mason of Mason Design, a student entrepreneur at Anthis Career Center is Head Team Leader for Website Development.

Chris Tomlinson of GonInk Web Design and Print will be supplying the initial product samplings.

The Green ABC’s is the creation of April D. Langschied ( April Brewster Smythe), professional writer, and founder of the Waynedale Green Alliance, and has recently been awarded an acceleration grant and an internship to bring the concept of the Green ABC’s to fruition. This grant and internship was administered by the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center under Program Manager Steve Franks of the Student Venture Lab. You can follow the build-up of the Green ABC’s from soy ink to mobile app after our launch on YouTube (URL will be distributed in a future release).

For more information please contact April Brewster Smythe at or Steve Franks at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center at

Waynedale Green Alliance website

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