10/8 Budget Hearing: Parks and Recreation

2010 City Civil Budget

Notes from the Fort Wayne City Council Budget Hearing on October 8, 2009.

This post covers notes from the Parks and Recreation budget discussion. The Parks and Recreation budget may be downloaded here.

Parks and Recreation Director Al Moll is presenting his budget.

They are preparing to take over the Dimension Ford Property – need to have it funded first.  Will plant grass and that’s about it until money becomes available.  Redevelopment Commission has helped with it.  Will make a small improvement to the road that runs through it.  The old railroad bed will be used for a connection to the Rivergreenway.

Trying to unload some of the property that is not used for park purposes.

Changes and Concerns slide makes no mention of the Headwaters Park issue.

Parks PIO is also responsible for getting support for the projects and also relationships with sponsorship donors.  “We have to get private donors and grants.”  – Al Moll

He is talking about Headwaters issue.  They are looking at the  issue.

Marty is asking where Zoo comes in at.  Parks owns the land, $5 million operation, 95% self-sustaining.  Parks does provide landscaping.  It’s a very minute part (taxpayer’s money) that goes into the Zoo.

Mitch Harper – Competition between splash pads and swimming pools and elimination of one.  Northside is used the most.   McMillen is used for sports academy.  Memorial allows for free swimming due to close proximity of splash pad.  Closed down Swinney to address some drop in available funds.  Keep it closed next year, see how the public reacts.  Splash pads require some additional funds, not like a swimming pool.  Youth Centers and pools are low on the scales of available services.

to operate a splash pad, anywhere from $12 to 15,000.  Swinney cost $75,000.  Costs about $100,000 to build a splash pad.

John Shoaff – it’s not a subsidy rather a contribution.  Asking to clarify if they’ll be doing away with Headwaters Park Alliance.  It is alarming and I’ve heard the same comments.

Karen Goldner – first year of improvements at Shoaff Park – it is fantastic compared to five years ago.

Liz Brown – concerned about loss of CEDIT dollars?  Al – more than concerned.

Mitch Harper – asking about notices line.  It’s for legal notices and advertising.  They have forged a partnership with Fort Wayne Newspapers for printing and distribution.  Costs about $80,000 per quarter.

Al – looking at naming rights for facilities.  Indiana Michigan pays $12,000 to sponsor the quarterly brochures.

Marty – asking about why they aren’t included with the rest of the city in vehicle repairs – because of the variety of equipment used.

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