10/8 Budget Hearing: Metro Human Relations

2010 City Civil Budget

Notes from the Fort Wayne City Council Budget Hearing on October 8, 2009.

This post covers notes from the Metropolitan Human Relations budget discussion. The budget for Metro Human Relations may be downloaded here.

Leslie Alford, Commission Chairwoman and Gerald Foday, Esq., Executive Director of Metro are giving a brief overview of the agency.

Gerald Foday – 1,562 people went through their office last year.  Only 802 filled out intake forms and only 521 of those actually filed complaints.  Numbers have increased, staff numbers have remained flat.

The issue from last year regarding the 3 separate budgets has been resolved.

Glynn Hines – turn around time between time of filing and resolution.  Average is 279 days.  Need an appointment from Council for a Commissioner.  Appointment must be a registered Republican.

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