WalMart thief sentenced to four years

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In case you don’t remember this from earlier this year, the ‘WalMart’ thief has been sentenced.

Police said the suspect had absconded from the WalMart on Mayesville Road earlier this year with over $100,000.  Police caught up with him at a casino in Iowa, sans some $19,000 he’d lost gambling.  Well, he’s been sentenced to four years in prison, with three of them to be served on probation.  He’s also been ordered to undergo counseling for his gambling addiction.  You can read the story on Indiana’s News Center.

To say that Casino’s don’t contribute to an increase in crime, I’d beg to differ on this.  And this is just one story – remember the craigslist killer?

Those opposed to gambling would make the following two points:

  • Is the casino in Iowa going to pay for the extradition, prosecution and incarceration costs related to this case?
  • Are they going to pay for the counseling?

I want to pose this question to my readers.  How do you feel about the above two points?  Do you think Casinos should be required to pay for such costs?  If this issue is like others, I’m sure there are strong, passionate feelings out there.  But I think it a discussion worth having.  Keep it civil, please!

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