Police say accused Craigslist killer owed gambling debts

From ABC News:

Philip Markoff, the accused “Craigslist killer” currently being held in Boston on murder charges, gambled all night at the Foxwoods Casino two days after he allegedly killed Julissa Brisman at an upscale Boston hotel, leaving with $5,300 in winnings, a source with knowledge of the investigation told ABC News.

He also gambled at the Connecticut casino two days after he allegedlyattacked another woman at the Westin Hotel in Boston, said the source, who spoke to ABC News on the condition of anonymity. Prosecutors claim he stole $800 out of the woman’s wallet […]

[…] A police source close to the investigation told ABC News this week that police believe Markoff’s motive in the alleged crimes was to pay off gambling debts. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, speaking to reporters today after Markoff’s brief court hearing, would not comment on the gambling allegations, but said authorities believe robbery was the motive for the crimes.


Markoff opened an account at the Foxwoods casino in 2008, but his visits to the casino increased “in March and April,” leading the Cheryl, N.Y., native to apply for a credit line in early April, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.

“He went to Foxwoods frequently, including visits on April 2, 12, and 16,” the source told ABC News. “On the 16th he left with $5,300 in winnings.”

Markoff also used his hometown New York address at 803 Cheryl Rd. and the Quincy, Mass., apartment he shared with his fiancée to apply for a credit line. The highest single bet Markoff made was $1,000, the source said.

“He came once in 2008, but then he was here all the time starting in March,” the source said.


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  1. Murderers are murderers and will do it for any number of reasons. I don’t think this would be a good reason NOT to do something in Fort Wayne however. If it was, we should close down all of the bars too. Sometimes when people drink too much they make bad decisions which wind up in an unfortunate death. The point is, an establishment is there for the people. People are all different. Some are good and some are bad. I’ve been to plenty of casinos and have never had an urge to become a serial killer. The guy apparently had no morals and no casino is at fault for that. If it wasn’t a casino, he would have killed someone somewhere else to settle his debts.


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