Superior Street Row bid and proposal opening – 3/30/2009

Rendering courtesy of Morrison Kattman Menze, Developer

There is a bid and proposal opening scheduled tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm by the Redevelopment Commission for the Superior Street Row project.  As you may remember, the City had been involved in negotiations with developers concerning this project.  The talks hit a snag with the developers insisting that the RFP, as written, gave them the option of purchasing the entire parking lot.  This would have then been used as collateral by the developers to assist in securing financing for the project.  Redevelopment Executive Director Greg Leatherman stated that was not the intention of the RFP.  This was during the December 15, 2008 Redevelopment Commission meeting.

During the February 16, 2009 Redeveloment Commission Meeting, held at Parkview Field, it was announced that a decision had been made to reissue the RFP, this time with no mention of the land being available for transfer.  On the Redevelopment’s section of the City website is the following on the RFP’S, RFQ’S,  BIDS & PUBLIC OFFERINGS page:

Due Date: March 30, 2009

Title:  Superior Street Row Mixed Use Residential / Retail Development Project

Description: Solicitation to submit a proposal and bid to purchase approximately 18 acres along the east 200 block of Superior Street

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