Redevelopment Comm. notes – 2/16/2009

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority and Redevelopment Commission met today at Parkview Field in Harrison Square.  This was the first public event in the new ballpark.  It was a joint meeting, however, the Authority was there to tour the facility and did not conduct any business.

The Redevelopment Commission did not elect new officers today as they are waiting for Mayor Tom Henry to approve his appointments.  You may remember that the City Council approved their two appointments, Casey Cox and Thom Obergfell, on January 20th 2009.

Also approved was a contract for the two parking signs outside the new parking deck on the northwest corner of the Douglas Avenue and Harrison Street intersection.  These parking signs are the same design as those installed last summer at the City’s parking facilities.  The cost of the signs is $10,000.

Next on the agenda was Change Order number 1 to the Motz Group contract for Bid Package #18 which was the playing field.  This actually is a credit of $5,500 for various materials and supplies not used in the construction of the playing field.  According to Jim Irwin, the turf came to Fort Wayne from a sod farm in Michigan.  It was staked out using GPS coordinates, stripped from the ground and brought here and laid on our field.  Much deliberation went into choosing the turf.


Robert E. Meyers Park

Robert E. Meyers Park was discussed.  Anyone who would like to be schedule an event in the park will be directed to Hardball Capitol, not Parks and Recreation.  Tomorrow night, the Parks and Recreation Department will be going before the Fort Wayne City Council to have the ordinance regulating the serving of alcohol in various City parks amended to include the Meyers Park.  Hardball Capitol will have exclusive concessions rights to the ballpark and Meyers Park during Hardball Capitol events.  

Security for Hardball Capitol events will become their responsibility.  Meyers Park will be locked down late nights.  Hardball is also responsible for security arrangements and have contracted with a company to provide active foot patrols around the facility as well as on-site personnel 24/7, 365 days a year.  Some concerns about graffiti were expressed by Commissioner Casey Cox.

Commissioner Judi Wire asked if snow removal had been figured out.  The answer was the City will be responsible for anything outside the gates, while Hardball will be responsible for the area inside.


Superior Street Row

The City has been working with Morrison Kattman Menze, to develop the Superior Street Row project.  A sticking point has revolved around the way the original RFP for the project was written.  The RFP can be read to state that transfer of the parking lot, bounded by Clinton, Superior, Barr and Duck Streets can be made to the developer.  When MKM presented their proposal to the Commission on December 15th 2008, they stated that they planned on having the land so they could then use it as collateral to secure financing.  Some meetings were held and it has been decided to reissue the RFP, this time with no mention of the land being available for transfer.  Instead, there will be an easement given to the developers dedicating enough parking spaces for those living in the development.  Remember, that 8,000 square feet will be given to the developer with floor floors built.  This translates into a 32,000 square foot building – 8,000 retail and 24,000 residential.  The City, may at some point down the road, need to explore some sort of parking deck on the remaining parking lot.


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