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The update is at the bottom of this post.

OK, INC – you can quit now.  Today, the above story is on the INC website, basically what they reported last night, that I blogged about earlier.

City Council Members weigh in on Condo changes

Fort Wayne city council members continue to express frustration at the changing plans for the condominium project at Harrison Square downtown.

The council discussed the latest twist in the controversy Tuesday night.

Again, NOTHING was discussed about Harrison Square during last night’s Council meeting.  Not one mention.  It was not on the agenda.  So tell me what you think:

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The only reason it was “discussed” is that the local television stations obviously were trying to create hype and controversy.  

Let us hope that when the local Fox News comes on-line, it will be much better in actual accurate coverage of local happenings.


UPDATED @ 4:17 pm: I emailed Linda Jackson last evening about this story. I received a very gracious response, in part:

[…] I realized that it wasn’t an actual item planned for discussion during session, but I knew our guy was going to talk with them, which he did afterwards. I don’t think we did as good a job as we should have in explaining that…the fact that we sort of informed them of what was going on afterwards, so thank you.

One of the things that I mentioned to Linda in my email was that I’ve always held her and INC to a higher standard. I can always count on INC not to dramatize or controversialize (is that even a word?) everything and give an honest accounting of the news. In her response, she once again confirmed for me the class act that she is!

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