City says closer look required on North Anthony

Press release from the City:

Closer Look Shows Need for More Work on Brick Pipe:
Anthony Boulevard Closed through the Middle of Next Week

To ensure safety for the 17,000 vehicles that travel North Anthony Boulevard each day, City Utilities will be spending more time on the repair of the 19th century brick pipe. North Anthony will remain closed through the middle of next week.

Workers at the site, of the brick sewer cave-in, determined that the brick is not structurally able to withstand the original planned restoration of the pipe. Engineers calculated that the added weight of flow fill (cement) would be too heavy for the existing brick pipe.

Further digging will take place this week and a corrugated steel pipe will be positioned, inside the brick, as a replacement. This will allow it to bypass the damaged brick and tie in to a more stable area of pipe that is not damaged.

Again, North Anthony will be closed at least through the middle of next week.


    • Hi Mike, I think one of the television stations showed her at the City Clerk’s office the next day filing a Tort claim. She stated on camera that she had been scratched up a bit, but was otherwise feeling well. It could have been a lot worse.


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