INC: did it really happen that way?

The Fort Wayne City Council

Tonight, Linda Jackson on Indiana News Center’s 11 pm newscast, delivered as one of her leads something to the effect of, “We’ll see if Harrison Square came up before the City Council tonight?”  [I could have the wording wrong as when it was said, I was surprised and caught off gaurd.]  Then, some 10 minutes later, she came to the story about the proposed downsizing of The Harrison.  The Harrison is the condo/retail portion of the Harrison Square project.  INC announced last Friday that the developers have proposed downsizing the number of condominium units – again.  And again, in half, this time down to 17 units and only two floors of the building.

She stated that, “…members of the City Council are still coming to grips that the Harrison Square project may not end up as originally planned.”  They then switched to tape of Council President Tom Smith basically repeating what he’d said to WANE-15.  Councilman John Shoaff made a comment that even though he opposed it at the beginning, everyone now wants it to succeed.  Jackson then stated that the “reaction” came after tonight’s City Council meeting and she finished with a quote from Greg Leatherman stating that the City hadn’t accepted any changes to the project.

So, what really happened tonight?  

Well before the City Council meeting started, Chris Hopper from WANE-15, interviewed Tom Smith.  The City Council met – and unless I fell asleep, not one mention of Harrison Square was made during the meeting.  Not one.  After the meeting however, a cameraman from INC – no reporter from INC, just a cameraman, interviewed Tom Smith then John Shoaff.  That was all.  No coming to grips, no controversy, no official discussion at City Council – nothing.  You be the judge.

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