Braces yourselves

Screen capture at 11:00 pm from Weatherbug.

The end is in sight, however, we’ve got this mess to muck through first.  This was the radar at 11:00.  

Thus far today, we’ve had 1.2″ of rain, so we’ve probably had a total of around 4″ since this mess started.  Good news is that the temperature should drop tomorrow from a balmy 60 today down to an overnight low of 17 tomorrow night.  That should help to slow run-off which in turn will allow the rivers to drop.  There are also thunderstorm warnings popping up to our west and it’s headed this way.  This storm system stretches all the way down into Mexico and it looks ugly.  

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that the people dealing with this weather, both as victims and relief/safety workers are in our prayers.


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