3-1-1 open until at least Midnight for flooding, high water calls

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Press Release:

The City of Fort Wayne’s 311 Call Center, One Call to City Hall, will remain open until at least midnight to handle non-emergency calls related to flooding and high water.

“Our 311 operators are ready to take calls from city residents about high water and other flooding concerns,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “The City is working hard to prevent and minimize flood damage. We’re seeing the results of our flood-control strategies pay off but we will continue to monitor river levels and high water throughout Fort Wayne for as long as it’s needed.”

The City has 19 pumps in operation, mostly near the St. Marys River.

Because of the Woodhurst flood control project completed last year, properties along the St. Marys River from Foster Park to the Airport Expressway have experienced minimal flooding. The Tillman Road culvert pipe has been constructed and put to use this week.

Crews have placed clay levees at Berry and Thieme streets.

Street updates:

Heavy rains have closed Ardmore Road between Covington Road and Taylor Street and Taylor from Brooklyn to Portage.

Also closed:
Catalpa between West Jefferson Boulevard and Taylor Street
North River Road between Landin and Maysville roads
Taylor Street between Brooklyn to Portage
Calhoun Street south of Baker Street
Calhoun and Tillman
Pauline Street between Hale and Taylor

Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes to avoid these areas until further notice. Do not attempt to drive through standing water.

Sand available for sandbags:

The City also has delivered sand and sandbags at the old Dimension Ford parking lot on West Jefferson Boulevard for residents in concerned about flooding at their properties to make their own sandbags. The Street Department has placed piles of sand and bags at these locations. Those making sandbags need to bring their own shovel.


  1. Stephen:

    Great pictures. I am listening right now to the continuing sounds of the huge trucks and loaders. The City has brought in three pumps which will probably be running for a couple of days at least.

    My home is the one on the corner with the flags (didn’t know if you knew that when you took the pictures). The City workers have been wonderful – we are pretty much on a first name basis now since this is the 5th flood in 6 years in the “cup” area at Thieme, West Berry, and Nelson.

    On a different note, I did miss your responses. I read them, and I would like to say I by no means intended to disrespect the Wells Street business owners. West Central has a number of properties that need spruced up. I have lived in my home for 14 years now, and I have been told that West Central was kind of run down 20 or 25 years ago. It has taken many years to bring it back.

    I do hope the new plans by Charis House will be suitable. It sounds like they are trying to work on an alternate solution.

  2. Hi Charlotte:

    I wondered as I was taking the photos and video if you were around. I do hope that everything is well with you and that your property and house are safe – and as dry as they can be. Thank you very much for your kind comments!

    I really had a difficult time with this issue. I worked for 7 years at the Rescue Mission as a case manager, so I know the good work that goes on and how the residents are managed. That said, I really felt the project as proposed was wrong for that area. I sincerely hope that they are able to build something that does fit in and is also functional for them. There is a real need for this in our community. I hope it can be worked out!!

    But I hope that it is also a wake up call to our City that if we’re going to invest the time and money into these plans, we must uphold them and adopt what is necessary to make it happen. I just posted about the Council’s discussion concerning the way-laid Downtown Design Guidelines and their call for them to be brought before the Council again for inclusion in the zoning ordinances. This is the missing link in the downtown picture.

    On another note, I’m not sure how I’ve missed it, but I’ll add your blog to my blogroll! I have enjoyed reading your posts at various times – keep up the great work!


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