City Council revealed – 3/10/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

Below are video clips from the end of tonight’s Fort Wayne City Council Regular Session.  The first clip is fellow blogger Jeff Pruitt addressing the Council concerning some of his ideas for getting Harrison Square going again.  Following his comments was Hattie Mohr (I think I am spelling her name correctly, if not, someone send me an email, please) who addressed the Council asking them to encourage Mayor Tom Henry to make some changes to the current smoking ban.  She ended her comments with a perfectly logical thought and even though I don’t smoke and don’t have a clue about the whole nicotine addiction thingy, it makes perfectly good sense to me.  “…I either say, ‘Stop selling the cigarettes and making them or let us smoke!

Next up is Councilman Tom Didier who agrees with Jeff’s comments and then goes on to comment on parking in Cincinnati Ohio cost him 8 quarters.  I think the currency conversion rate on those quarters is, $2?  (My apologies Councilman Didier, I’m just going for a cheap laugh here.)

Councilman Tim Pape follows who also affirms what he called some “constructive comments” made by Jeff.  He also points out an article in 3-1-1 and it’s value as published in some sort of a government magazine.

Councilman Glynn Hines follows and makes some points that tie into promotion of his upcoming State of the 6th District speech which will be held March 21st at Link’s Wonderland.

Councilwoman Liz Brown follows and discusses a myriad of items.  The Firefighter’s greening on Saturday, the Allen County Solid Waste District’s Saturday initiative, a call from a constituent that was questionably handled by 3-1-1, the Internal Audit of the Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Department, the Gambling referendum and finally her thoughts on President Barack Obama’s reversing former President George Bush’s Stem Cell Research legislation.

Next up is Councilman John Shoaff who points out Councilman Didier’s involvement with the musical Frankenstein, currently playing at the Civic Theatre.

Last and certainly not least by any means is Councilman Mitch Harper.  He offers some recognition of some local athletes.  He then shifts gears and talks about the recent Light Least Trust Fund Board.

Almost forgot, City Clerk Sandy Kennedy reports that the total fines paid during the City’s Parking Ticket Amnesty was $39,910.


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