Harrison Square Progress – 2/16/2009

A selection of photos from a day at the ballpark.


A magical day indeed as Greg Leatherman, Redevelopment Executive Director, John B. Kalb and Redevelopment Commission President Christopher Guerin, pose for the camera. You have to respect all three for their tenacity and their dedication to what they believe in. I know my life is much richer for knowing the three and I appreciate them allowing the photo to be taken and posted here.

The ballfield is under a “growth blanket”.  According to Jim Irwin, this blanket will only be used this week.  Last Thursday when I was at the ballpark, they were spreading what I thought was grass seed – at least that’s what the bags said.  Jim told me today it was a fungicide which combined with the blanket will help bring the grass out of dormancy and to grow into the area.

The installation of the padding around the outfield wall continues.

During the course of the Redevelopment meeting, installation of the panels for the new video scoreboard or Jumbotron, began.  By the end of the meeting, one panel had been lifted into place.

Within a couple of hours, the bottom row of panels had been installed.

While the tours were being conducted, the lights were turned on for display.

Tonight was also the second time the lights for the field have been turned on.  The first two photos were taken from the top of the Westberry Apartment building at Berry and Fulton Streets.

From Ewing Street and Jefferson Boulevard

On Jefferson Boulevard between Taco Bell and Rally’s.

Ballpark lights on, iconic Lincoln Financial Group sign off.

From the Douglas Avenue and Webster Street intersection.

The main entrance off Brackenridge and Ewing Streets.

West of the Ewing Street and Jefferson Boulevard intersection.

Thanks to Jerry V. for the heads up on the ballpark lights being on.


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  1. Just to be clear, I still think that the building of what is now known as Parkview Field was an error for Fort Wayne , which we will be paying for over the next 20 years or so. But, with that said, I also want to point out that this looks to be a Class AA facility – it is being done in a very approvable manner. It appears to be something that those responsible can be very proud of accomplishing and Fort Wayne can be very pleased with.

  2. I was on the tour on the 16th and I was truly impressed with the quality of the project.So many details that most of us would never think about were included to make this faciltiy one of the best in the country.I am looking forward to attending opening day and hopefully a few other games this season, if we can find the time away from the river.( our first love for recreation)


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