The above story is on the Indiana News Center website.  I received an email from a friend who knows I work for Headwaters Park asking if it was safe to go to the ice rink.  I asked what he was talking about and he sent me the url to the above story.  Well, obviously he didn’t read the article at all as the story is about an ice rink in Carmel, Indiana.  I asked why he thought this had happened at the Headwaters Park Ice Rink and he responded the picture was obviously taken at Headwaters.  Indeed, the photo was taken at the Headwaters Ice Rink and on the date we recognized the 100,000th skater.  I know because I was there and recognize the skaters pictured.  

Just in the time I’ve been putting together this post, I’ve received another phone call about this.  This time, the caller took the time to read the article before getting too excited.  

The problem is this:  I understand it’s nice to have some sort of image with a story, but let’s be responsible and use something not so obviously well known locally.  The other thing I’ll comment on, is I don’t know who this Scott Sarvay is, but he sure covers a lot of territory as he seems to author almost every AP article on the INC website.  I blogged about this issue and INC before.  At least they are now properly attributing the “lifted” AP articles, but just because you cut and paste a story, doesn’t make you the author.  I checked this article and some of the others listed on INC’s website with other news sites and no author was listed on any of them.  I really like INC and prefer their channel 33 newscasts over the too-dramatic and intense competition at WANE-15.


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