Plagarism at INC?

While checking today’s rss feed from Indiana News Center, I found the above article.  Notice that the attribution is to Eric Olson and Indiana News Center.  Yet look below at the same article on WSBT-22’s website.  This time, the article has no author listed, but is attributed to the AP (Associated Press).  This search also reveals that the INC article is truncated.

Using the Coroner’s name as a search term on Yahoo! News, the following list is returned:

All of the websites in the above list properly attribute the story’s origin except for INC. 

On the INC website is another article, “Troubles Continue for Troubled Lehman Brothers“.  Same situation.  This same articles appears on the KRON TV website in San Francisco, but they properly attribute the article and not only this, they have a disclaimer – highlighted in blue – at the bottom of the article:

I am not sure where the photos on the INC that accompany some of the articles orginate from, but I have a suspcion they aren’t INC authored.  All of the non-local articles listed on INC’s website have been “written” by Eric Olson.  Boy, he sure get’s around!  Then again, perhaps INC has a special agreement with the AP that allows them to pass off AP content as their own?  I must admit this surprises me as I’ve always found both WPTA-21 and WKTG-33, when they were separate, to be credible and honest about their sources.  Eric Olson has also struck me as a pretty decent chap as well, so I’m not sure what’s going on, but something isn’t right.


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