City Council Allocates CEDIT Funds To Clean-up

The Fort Wayne City Council     

Press Release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mayor thanks City Council for CEDIT contributions to ice storm clean-up
Each District Contributed; Contractors Will Start Monday 

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and members of City Council announced today they will be allocating $35,000 of the Council’s CEDIT allocation toward helping with the response and clean up to the ice storm. 

“With so many thousands of our residents braving the cold and battling the ice storm these past five days, we’ve seen many instances of people and businesses reaching out, opening their doors, offering assistance in any way they can,” said Mayor Henry. “I want to publicly thank all of the private citizens who have been working to help those impacted by the storm. I also want to thank our City Council representatives, who’ve stepped up and offered some of their CEDIT allocations to be used for getting the clean up underway even quicker. Each district Council person and the at-large representatives have offered $5,000 to go for clean up. That’s $35,000 we will be able to use right away. Their leadership is much appreciated in this time of emergency response.” 

Mayor Henry said the Council’s allocation would go for contractors to begin cleaning up the branches and tree limbs that are down throughout the community. The City has arranged for National Serv-All to place large, 40-yard containers to throughout all four quadrants for residents who want to dispose of storm debris. Those containers will be available next week. 

Residents should move their limbs and branches to the parkstrip in front of their house for the City to pick up. The process is likely to take a few weeks, cautions Mayor Henry, so he asks residents to be patient. 

“This storm has put tremendous strain on our system, our resources and on all our nerves,” said the mayor. “We still want to suggest to everyone that you take a moment to check on your neighbors, friends and family members to make sure they are safe. I appreciate the stress of being without power or displaced from one’s home, and I have the utmost confidence that everyone is working as fast as they can to bring the community back to normal.” 

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