Practice Fire On Ross Street Last Week


Last Wednesday, December 10th, the Fort Wayne Fire Department set fire to 417 Ross Street.  The purpose was to train firefighters.  Ron Swart, Acme Printing, wrote in response to a comment I’d left on Fort Wayne Politics about the fire:

The house at 417 Ross Street was owned by Acme Printing and the structure was donated to the Fire Department for training. While we would have liked to have the flood buyout purchase the property, they wouldnt because no one was living in it.  

We hope in the future the city sees the value of the property bordered by the St. Marys River on the north and the RR tracks on the south. There arent many homes here anymore, and perhps it would be a great place for the River Boat Casino. Since we still own the property we are sure we could come to some sort of agreement on a purchase price should that happen. In any rate, the Fire Department did a great job and were really good to work with. I would encourage others with such property to do the same.

This somewhat reminded me of the Henry’s fire several years ago when I once again had a front row seat.  Anyway, here’s video from the event, although nothing fancy, it’s mostly smoke and flames.




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