Noise Ordinance Signed By Mayor

From a press release issued by the City:

Mayor Signs Revision to Noise Ordinance
Says he has concerns about it, but will sign

Mayor Tom Henry today signed the revised noise ordinance passed by City Council Tuesday making “light pollution” a violation of city ordinance.

“Although I have concerns about this ordinance,” said Mayor Henry, “it is up to Council to decide what legislative action is appropriate for our community and, in this case, I will support their action.”

“I believe, though, City Council should consider amending this legislation in light of some concerns raised by both citizens and staff alike.  It is my opinion that this ordinance will be difficult to enforce as written and that certain exceptions to its provisions should be considered.  Amongst the concerns raised were athletic events held in the evening, holiday light displays and emergency repair work to name a few.”

“Let me say one more thing,” said Mayor Henry.  “At the Council meeting last Tuesday, one Council member who is opposed to this action made a very irresponsible statement directing citizens to call 9-1-1 if they have a problem with a bright light.  That is not the appropriate use of 9-1-1.  Our dispatchers cannot afford to spend time on calls of this nature when there are urgent, potentially life-and-death calls waiting.  I encourage citizens to utilize 3-1-1 or call the police department at 427-1222 to report a problem.”

I usually don’t comment on these press releases, but I feel the need here.

I wonder how long it will be before this statement – “Although I have concerns about this ordinance, it is up to Council to decide what legislative action is appropriate for our community and, in this case, I will support their action.” –  will come back to haunt him?  I mean, that’s pretty much telling the Council they can do what they want and he won’t fight it.  Where was this feeling earlier in the year when Council approved a Firefighters Merit Commission?  And to list all those concerns about the ordinance and approve it anyway, what’s up with that?  It would seem to me that any one of the “concerns” would be enough to veto the ordinance – especially the enforceability issue.  And talk about throwing Councilman John Shoaff under the bus…  As for the Mayor’s statement about the Council member who directed citizens to call 9-1-1, well, I agree that it shouldn’t have been suggested, however, the rebuke could also have been toned down a bit.  I wasn’t there, so I don’t know how the conversation went.  But knowing the Councilwoman involved, I cannot for one second believe she would knowingly promote such a thing.

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