Local Races 239 of 301 Precincts

According to the Journal Gazette, with 239 of 301:

District 3 Congressional Representative
Mark Souder* (R) 51,586
Michael (Mike) A. Montagano (D) 39,259
William R. Larsen (L) 5,394

Allen County Treasurer
Susan (Sue) Orth (R) 54,685
Maria M. Parra (D) 37910

Allen County Council At large (Vote for 3)
Robert A. Armstrong (R) 51,618
Roy A. Buskirk* (R) 54,636
Paul Moss* (R) 51,080
Susan Hoot (D) 45,901
Kevin Knuth (D) 38,380

Fort Wayne Community School Board
District 2

John Peirce* 5,982
Donald J. Schaab 3,940

District 3
Rebecca (Becky) Hill 4,727
Lowell A. Lantz Jr. 615
Jon Olinger* 3,042

District 5
Steve Corona* 5,174
Evert H. Mol 3,180
Diane M. Sliger 1,314

Local Public Question

Should the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township be transferred to the county assessor?

Aboite Township
Yes 6,530
No 5556

St Joe Township
Yes 8,933
No 6,917

Wayne Township
No 10,758
Yes 9,571


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