AP Reporting Defeat of Ohio Issue 6

Even though it’s an Ohio issue, it’s defeat could have some effect here in Fort Wayne.  


Associated Press Writer

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A proposal to bring expanded gambling to Ohio has lost — again.

Unofficial results show voters on Tuesday turned down a constitutional amendment that would have allowed for a $600 million casino to be built near the southwest Ohio town of Wilmington. This is the fourth time that Ohio voters have rejected an expansion of statewide gambling since 1990.

Voters approved a new payday lending law that cut the annual percentage rate that lenders can charge to 28 percent and limit the number of loans customers can take to four per year. It is among the strictest laws in the country.

My contacts in Ohio say that if Issue 6 had been passed, another casino would have been in the works for Northwestern Ohio.  Having lived in Ohio my first 20-odd years, I can say that this doesn’t surprise me.  In some things, Ohioians are just as stubborn as their Fort Wayne counterparts.  Bring on the angry emails!


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