Jill Long Thompson Concedes

Jill Long Thompson's Road To Change Logo     

“We put a big crack in that glass ceiling…and it’s only a matter of time before it shatters.”

She began her concession speech with the above line and was thanking her supporters who had broken into a chant of, “Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill”.  Within half an hour of beginning coverage of the election, CBS called the race for Incumbent Governor Mitch Daniels.  Right now, as of 9:10 pm, the vote stands at:

3208 of 5230 Precincts reporting, 61%

1,001,165 Governor Daniels (R) 60%
   642,229 Jill Long Thompson (D) 38%
     35,735 Andy Horning (L) 2%

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