Proposed Tax Abatement Changes

I am proud to introduce a series of posts concerning the changes to the Tax Abatement policies and ordinances for the City of Fort Wayne.  These changes have been proposed by Councilwomen Liz Brown (R-At Large) and Karen Goldner (D-2nd).  Liz and Karen have graciously agreed to let AFW follow the progression of these changes into formulation of an ordinance and then possibly into law and policy.

The following is a play list of the videos – there are 8 in today’s series.  The topics of the clips are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Previous legislation drafted
  3. Purpose of the legislation
  4. Why does this need to happen now?
  5. Harrison Square impact on Tax Abatements
  6. Work completed to this point
  7. Highlights of the changes
  8. Next in the process

If you would prefer to see the list and play the clips individually, follow this link. The proposed changes may be downloaded by visiting this webpage.  Anyone may comment on the proposed changes by the email link on this page or by calling either Karen or Liz.  Comments should be submitted by October 10th.  This is a unique opportunity to get involved in your local government.

Look for occasional posts regarding status updates and other information as they become available.

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